Solidarietà per creazione di stile



The “ Kora contaminazioni sartoriali ” project was born from the belief that solidarity and constructive encounters between people are fundamental for a better future, and craftsmanship is an opportunity capable of integrating people into work and social paths that contribute to collective growth


To be an international business reality which thanks to the recovery of artisanal tailoring, disseminates the beauty, solidarity and appreciation of cultural fusion and thanks to commercial sales, supports a model of social integration and sustainable development that guarantees dignity to people subject to employment discontinuity in Africa as in the West





beKora accessories represent the concrete realization of the circular economy. The recovery and use of upholstery remnants, fine fabrics and African cotton to create handcrafted bags, shoppers, backpacks and other accessories. Each garment is unique and made by the tailors and apprentices of the KORA project.

Particolarmente per gli accessori, ogni acquisto sostiene direttamente un dei progetti sociali di Kora Associazione a supporto di un idea di società solidale, fondata sullo scambio culturale, l’economia circolare e la trasmissione del sapere artigianale, per creare valore grazie all’integrazione socio-lavorativa delle donne e dei giovani. 



Runners, placemats, tablecloths, aprons and other products for the "Allegra e Comoda" Home collection, handcrafted in 100% African cotton and Italian cotton remnants.


Blouses, skirts, jackets, mini skirts, trousers and other garments designed to enhance elegance thanks to the simplicity and combination of African fabrics and remnants of fine Italian fabrics. Each garment is unique and made by the tailors and apprentices of the KORA project.